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Bearcat License Plate

Bearcat License Plate

Bearcat License Plate
Currently available to alumni and friends living in Missouri.

“Ride with Pride” by purchasing your personalized Bearcat License plates.

Simply make a minimum donation of $25, ($50 for two years), to the Northwest Fund. Be sure to note that you would like to receive a collegiate license plate form.

Once your donation has been processed, you will receive an Emblem Use Authorization Statement from the Northwest Foundation.

New Plate Request

The completed Emblem Use Authorization Statement (EUAS) must accompany your application (Missouri Form 1716) and a $15 state personalized plate fee, ($30 for two years), and be submitted to the Motor Vehicle Bureau, 301 West High St - Room 370, PO Box 569, Jefferson City, MO 64105-0569. If your requested plate configuration is not available, you may submit additional configuration choices with your paid receipt or you may apply for a refund of the application fee. If your requested plate configuration is available, your plates will be ordered (turnaround time may be six to eight weeks.) A notification letter will be mailed to you when your plates are available for pickup at your designated license office. Additional fees to transfer the plate to your vehicle will be required at that time. More information is available at

Plate Renewal

Just take the completed Emblem Use Authorization Statement (EUAS), the $15 state personalized plate fee, ($30 for two years), your regular state license renewal application, and the standard state renewal fee to a Missouri Department of Revenue office or license bureau near you.

Please Note

The letters, numbers or combination of letters and numbers on collegiate license plates cannot exceed six characters in length (or 5 characters plus one space, dash, or apostrophe if desired). Collegiate license plates may be issued only to passenger motor vehicles subject to the registration fee according to taxable horsepower and to beyond-local commercial motor vehicles licensed for a gross weight of 6,000 or 12,000 pounds. 

Your gift to the Northwest Foundation, Inc. to benefit Northwest Missouri State University is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. To be eligible, a minimum gift of $25 for a one-year or $50 for a two-year renewal is required. 

For more information or to request an Emblem Use Authorization Statement, contact the Northwest Foundation, Inc. at 660.562.1248 or


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