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Hannah Cline

Hannah Cline



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Joined Northwest in 2022

Recruitment Coordinator

Recruits in Iowa

About Heather

My hometown is Smithville, Missouri. I chose to attend Northwest because of the ties to my family. My grandparents went here, and so did my parents, making me a third generation Bearcat! I graduated in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Psychology. During my studies at Northwest, I became a published Illustrator as well as a published author. I joined the admissions team in the fall of 2022. I am excited to help students find their home at Northwest and become a part of the ever-growing Bearcat Family.

Recruitment Territory

Iowa, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Washington, Wyomingy

Upcoming Events

Date School Name Location Time
3/22/2023 Murrary High School Murrary, IA 9:00 AM
3/22/2023 Creston High School Creston, IA 2:50 PM
3/30/2023 Mount Pleasant High School Mount Pleasant, IA 9:00 AM
3/30/2023 Washington High School Washington, IA 1:15 PM
4/3/2023 Abraham Lincoln High School Council Bluffs, IA 10:15 AM
4/3/2023 Lewis Central High School Council Bluffs, IA 11:30 AM
4/4/2023 Missouri Valley High School Missouri Valley, IA 11:30 AM
4/4/2023 Thomas Jefferson High School Council Bluffs, IA 1:30 PM
4/6/2023 Bondurant - Farrar High School Bondurant, IA 9:35 AM
4/6/2023 Ankeny High School Ankeny, IA 11:00 AM
4/6/2023 East High School Des Moines, IA 1:30 AM
4/10/2023 Southwest Valley High School Corning, IA 9:30 PM
4/10/2023 Lenox High School Lenox, IA 11:00 AM
4/10/2023 Orient - Macksburg High School Orient, IA 1:00 PM
4/11/2023 Pella High School Pella, IA 2:00 PM
4/12/2023 Griswold High School Griswold, IA 9:00 AM
4/12/2023 Winterset High School Winterset, IA 1:35 PM
4/17/2023 Davis County High School Bloomfield, IA 10:30 AM
4/17/2023 Centerville High School Centerville, IA 12:00 PM