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KC Scholars

In April 2023, Northwest Missouri State University joined the KC Scholars Post-secondary Network. This new partnership is good news for students who get a KC Scholars traditional scholarship, adult learner scholarship, college savings match, or Northwest-only KC Scholarship because they can now use their award at Northwest. This partnership will have a big impact on the local economy and job market, and it will also help students succeed by offering them extra support services.


About the Scholarships

Traditional (11th grader)

This scholarship provides funding of up to $50,000 for a duration of six years. The scholarship amount is paid directly to the college or university in the KC Scholars Post-secondary Network where the recipient is enrolled.

Northwest-only KC Scholarship (11th grader)

Northwest Missouri State University provides a scholarship that awards up to $50,000 over six years. To be eligible, recipients must live on campus and enroll at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville.

Adult Learner

This scholarship is for adults who completed some college but didn't earn a degree. It's called the Adult Learner Scholarship. It helps adults aged 18 or older with a high school diploma or equivalent or an associate degree who want to complete a bachelor's degree. Adult learners can get up to $50,000 paid to their college or university for up to six years. They can enroll full or part-time.

College Savings Match

College Savings Match

The KC Scholars Match and Incentive program helps eligible students pay for college. Students who qualify can receive up to $1,400 in matching funds and incentives. This is a one-time award. To receive the award, students must enroll full-time in college after finishing high school and continue as full-time students at a KC Scholars Post-secondary Network campus while receiving funding.

Contact us

For more information about the KC Scholars program, contact us at or 660.562.1212.

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