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Evaluation Components

Northwest completed Year 10 of its Open Pathway cycle in November of 2018. At that time, Northwest submitted a variety of components to demonstrate that it had met the HLC Criteria for Accreditation. Those components are listed below.

Assurance Argument (AA)
A narrative in which the institution explains how it met HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation, which is supported by linked documents in the Evidence File.
View a summary of our assurance argument »
Comprehensive Evaluation
The process used to determine whether an institution met or continued to meet the Criteria for Accreditation. The comprehensive evaluation included an Assurance Review, a Federal Compliance review, an on-site visit, a student survey and a multi-campus visit, if applicable.
Federal Compliance Requirements
Requirements that HLC is obliged to enforce as part of its recognition by the U.S. Department of Education. This included Title IV program responsibilities.
On-Site Visit
Portion of comprehensive visit which consisted of a team of 3-5 peer reviewers visiting an institution and interviewing stakeholders.
Quality Initiative (QI)
A major quality improvement effort conducted by institutions between Years 5 and 9 of the Open Pathway that addressed a current concern or aspiration specific to the institution.
Student Opinion Survey
An online survey conducted by HLC as part of comprehensive evaluations. The opinions and data gathered assist peer reviewers in developing questions for the on-site visit.

Northwest Performance System (NPS)

Northwest's overarching approach to performance, data and metrics is the Northwest Performance System (NPS) View PDF.

NPS: Faculty Guide

This NPS guide View PDF describes the parts of our Northwest Performance System (NPS) that directly relate to the work of faculty.