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Office of the Grants Coordinator

The Grants Coordinator works with University and partner agencies to coordinate stakeholders and prepare applications for external funding in support of Northwest Missouri State University's mission.  The Coordinator is tasked with assisting faculty and staff members through the entire grant making process, from project concept to deliverable identification, budgeting, stakeholder coordination, proposal authorship and editing, proposal submission, and post-award assistance.

The primary services offered by the Grants Coordinator include:

  • Identifying public and private funding programs at the local, regional, state, and national levels.
  • Informing University and community constituents about funding streams that could support potential projects or programs.
  • Identifying and coordinating University stakeholders involved in a potential grant project. Calling and facilitating pre-submission stakeholder meetings.
  • Working directly with the NLT, Deans, Chairs, Directors, faculty and staff to develop potential grant-funded projects.
  • Assisting Principal Investigators (PIs) with developing realistic project deliverables and overall project budgets.
  • Acting as a liaison between applicants and potential funders.
  • Reviewing eligibility guidelines and submission requirements.
  • Authoring, co-authoring, or editing proposals and application documents.
  • Assembling, packaging, and submitting application materials.
  • Assisting faculty and staff members with the post-award process.

Meet the Coordinator

Tye Parsons

Tye Parsons
Grants Coordinator