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The Post-Award Process at Northwest

After a project has been awarded for funding, a three-stage procedure will assist the PI in beginning implementation:

Stage 1: Pre-Implementation

After the Principal Investigator (PI) is notified of the award and receives the grant agreement, the Grant Coordinator will call a Post-Award and Submission (PAwS) meeting with all university stakeholders involved with the project. The meeting is called to assign responsibilities, develop the project task list, and discuss any project revisions.

Stage 2: Administrative Preparation

After the PAwS meeting and budget / scope of work revisions (if any), the appropriate University personnel will sign the grant agreement, announce the funding to the media, and establish the project grant account.

Stage 3: Project Implementation

The PI begins to implement their project according to the grant agreement.  In addition, the PI begins submitting reports and invoices to the granting agency and internal progress reports to the finance office. After all project deliverables have been accomplished, the PI will submit final reports and hold a debrief meeting with project stakeholders.

For a more detailed explanation of the process, please see the approved Post-Award Process for Externally Funded Projects View PDF.