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What kinds of students have received these awards, and how did their experience impact them?

What is the application process really like?

Students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines apply for these awards. They dedicate months of time and effort in preparing their applications for these prestigious and life-changing opportunities. Northwest students have seen marked success with these fellowships, but even those who do not receive an award still have learned about themselves through the process. The skills, knowledge and drive gained through the application experience have helped students get accepted into graduate school, Peace Corps, and other opportunities that have enriched their lives.

The Fulbright Experience

This has been the best professional development opportunity that I could have ever imagined for myself.

Kayla Etherton
Psychology & Spanish, 2013 | TESOL, 2018

Kayla's Grand Kaland

On her blog, Kayla Etherton describes what she calls her "Year of Courageousness" and gives advice for first-generation college students on how to pursue a Fulbright

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