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Shelby Theis

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

I feel really empowered about the work that I am doing and the stuff that I am accomplishing.

Shelby Theis
Studio Art with an emphasis in painting

Shelby Theis

Graduating Class:  2020 
Hometown:  Nevada, Missouri
Major: Communication

The Northwest Experience

Shelby Theis knew she wanted to pursue a career in studio art, but was unsure how to develop her skills to become successful in the art community.

Attending Northwest gave her the ability to understand and analyze her art and the work of her peers, allowing her to enhance her skills during the creative process. She developed a network that provided her with experience creating murals in her hometown and other projects beyond the classroom. Her experiences have inspired her to pursue graduate school in hopes of becoming a teacher and sharing her insights with budding artists at the collegiate level.

Shelby credits Northwest with helping her find the role models, influences and confidence to grow in her profession to be career ready, day one.