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Danna Burgeson & Abby Gooch

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

When I added therapeutic recreation for my other major, it ended up being a perfect match for my field experience at Lettuce Dream. It is good to learn about programming, creating activities and adapting for people with special needs. I wouldn’t have this opportunity in Maryville without this business.

Danna Burgeson
Horticulture and Therapeutic Recreation

Danna Burgeson

Danna Burgeson

Graduating Class:  2019
Hometown:  Liberty, Missouri
Major: Horticulture and Therapeutic Recreation

Abby Gooch

Graduating Class:  2020 
Hometown: Mexico, Missouri
Major: Agriculture Education

The Northwest Experience

Internship opportunities helped Northwest students Danna Burgeson and Abby Gooch build skills and experience for a successful career.

During their internship at Lettuce Dream, a greenhouse that helps people with cognitive or developmental impairments, Abby and Danna organized and implemented hydroponic systems. Working with the enterprise’s clients, they practiced seeding and transplanting while identifying and combating issues.

“Going into education, I think it is important to have experiences with people who are different than you and people with disabilities,” Abby said.

Lettuce Dream

The internship gave them an opportunity to apply skills they learned in the classroom and become more aware of adaptations and alternate programming that employers should consider when working with individuals with special needs.