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Lauren Russell

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Lauren Russell
Elementary education

Lauren Russell

Graduating Class:  2018
Hometown: Linn County, Missouri
Major: Elementary education
Other Activities:

  • Study abroad
  • Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority
  • Hermes Honor Society
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Substitute teacher in Maryville

The Northwest Experience

Lauren is launching her career as a professional teacher – and she’ll be an advocate for the University because of the valuable experience she gained. She completed her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and begins her professional career this fall in the Liberty Public School District.

As an undergraduate student at Northwest, Lauren enjoyed the variety of profession-based experience provided in the School of Education, including travel opportunities to Italy and Oklahoma that furthered her knowledge and cultural perspectives.

“I have always been one to jump at opportunities that will help me be a lifelong learner and professionally develop me as an educator, especially if it involves travel and experiencing new parts of the world.”

Substitute teaching in Maryville provided Lauren with experience teaching nearly every age between preschool and high school. She received a long-term substitute teaching position in kindergarten during a maternity leave.

“Being a substitute teacher really allowed me to find myself as an educator. I got to dabble in many different management strategies, curriculum and teaching philosophies. It taught me flexibility and being able to step back and really observe how children learn best.”