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Kirayle Jones

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

Northwest makes you feel like a person. They know your name and what you want to do with your life–your goals and aspirations–and tailor your experience to put you on the right track.

Kirayle Jones
Middle School Education: Social Science

Kirayle Jones

Graduating Class: 2021
Hometown:  Omaha, Nebraska
Major: Middle School Education: Social Science
Other Activities:

  • Student Senate
  • Sigma Tau Gamma
  • Student Ambassador
  • TRIO Support Services
  • History Club

The Northwest Experience

Kirayle quickly realized – while attending student life events and meeting faculty and staff during a campus visit – that Northwest had the family atmosphere and resources he was looking for as a first-generation student.

As an aspiring teacher, he entered an elementary classroom during his first semester at Northwest and learned classroom management techniques to build structure for his future students while still providing a fun and educational environment. He enjoyed the collaborative learning experience and working with teachers in other disciplines to create lesson plans that were used in real-life situations.

Northwest advisors, faculty and staff helped him develop leadership skills through student government, as well as his academic knowledgeto put him on the right path, ensuring he was career ready, day one.