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Kendey Eaton

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

β€œIt’s a family atmosphere. It feels just like the small town you came from or the big city you came from. There is a fit for everyone.”

Kendey Eaton
Business Education

Kendey Eaton

Graduating Class: 2020 
Hometown:  Mound City, Missouri
Major:  Business Education
Other Activities:

  • Women’s Basketball
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Pi Omega Pi Honor Society

The Northwest Experience

When looking to continue her basketball career, Kendey was drawn to Northwest’s family atmosphere and the proximity to her hometown. 

Following in both her parents’ footsteps, she chose to focus on becoming an educator, and her time at Northwest provided the opportunity to prepare for real-life situations in a classroom. She was able to craft her teaching style based on the variety of methods she observed in practicum classes and while student teaching at Northwest Technical School in Maryville.

The ability to manage time effectively as a student-athlete and the positive, welcoming interactions with coaches, faculty and staff allowed Kendey to be career ready, day one.