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Kaitlin Schultes

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

I love how everyone at Northwest is devoted to where they are. They are devoted to Maryville, to their campus and to their school. I just love how everything here feels like family.

Kaitlin Schultes

Kaitlin Schultes

Graduating Class: 2020 
Hometown: Audubon, Iowa
Major: Biology/Psychology

The Northwest Experience

After watching her grandfather struggle with health issues, Kaitlin knew she wanted to pursue a career in health care.

She chose to study biology and psychology to better understand mental health, behavior and brainfunction so she could connect with future patients on a personal level. She credits Northwest faculty and staff for taking time to ensure she had a firm understanding of fundamental concepts to prepare her for medical school after graduation.

As the first of her siblings to attend college, it was important to Kaitlin to be a role model in her family. She credits Northwest for providing the practical skills and confidence she needed to be career ready, day one.