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Joe Straws

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

Northwest, to me, means family. It means surrounding yourself with good people, surrounding yourself with a strong community and a genuine support system.

Joe Straws
Biology and Psychology

Joe Straws

Graduating Class: 2019
Hometown:  Raytown, Missouri
Major: Biology and Psychology
Other Activities:

  • Football

The Northwest Experience

Growing up, Joe developed a love for football and was initially drawn to Northwest because of its national champion football team. His passion for sports paired with an interest in physical therapy made his major in biology and psychology the right fit for him.

Coursework such as human anatomy helped Joe better understand how the body works and provided him with hands-on experience using Northwest’s synthetic cadaver as well as working in classroom labs on various experiments. When his classes began to challenge him more, Joe sought his instructor’s help and took advantage of study groups, which prepared him for graduate school. With the support of faculty, classmates and teammates, Joe achieved success on the field and in the classroom, ensuring he graduated career ready, day one.