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Jacob Wood

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

That's why we have a college television station. We are going to have failure and things that are not always going to work. However, learning from those failures will help in our career because we will know how to overcome those failures in the real-world.

Jacob Wood
Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism

Jacob Wood

Graduating Class: 2017
Hometown:  Lawson, Missouri
Major: Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism
Other Activities:

  • Residential assistant at Hudson-Perrin
  • Reporter for KNWT (Northwest television station)

The Northwest Experience

Jacob Wood always wanted to be a reporter and, in order to get the education and experience he needed for a successful career, he chose Northwest Missouri State University’s School of Communication and Mass Media.

“I immediately talked to the news producer at Northwest’s Channel 8 TV station and tried to get involved as quickly as I could. I started reporting about things that hadn’t been reported, covering the entire Nodaway County area and riding along with the Missouri State Patrol and Nodaway Sheriffs.”

Northwest encourages students to get involved and secure multiple internships that add profession-based experiences to their résumés. Jacob followed that advice.

Profession-based Experiences

During his internship at KQTV, Jacob was a daytime reporter. He photographed, edited and reported news that was produced for the 6 p.m. broadcast. Another internship at Fox 26 included similar responsibilities as he reported during the early morning hours on news that broke the previous evening.

Advice for students

"Don't be afraid to get involved. Get out of your room during your freshman year and interact with people. You are only at Northwest for a short period of time and it goes fast."