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Jack Hill

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

“At Northwest, I’ve really gained a family away from home, even in organizations and with the faculty. Everyone has shown that they cared about me, about my journey and what I want to do.”

Jack Hill

Jack Hill

Graduating Class: 2020 
Hometown: Kearney, Missouri
Major: Cybersecurity and computer science
Other Activities:

  • Association for Computer Machinery
  • Developing Developers
  • Cyber Defense Club
  • National Cyber League
  • Hudson-Perrin Hall Council
  • Hall Disciplinary Committee
  • Residence Hall Association

The Northwest Experience

Jack chose Northwest because of its hometown feel and the opportunity to get involved in student organizations from his first day on campus.

His participation in profession-based groups, like the Cyber Defense Club, helped him highlight the knowledge he gained through coursework while building soft skills and enabling him to interact confidently with potential employers. After attending a Northwest Career Day as a freshman, Jack landed technology internship that eventually led to a full-time position after graduation.

He credits the ability to dive deep into all aspects of cybersecurity and computer science, as well as the support to develop professional skills and relationshipswith being career ready, day one.