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Jace Pine

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

At Northwest, I walked in not knowing a lot about emergency disaster management but was able to walk out with the hands-on experience and knowledge base I need in order to excel in the field.

Jace Pine
Emergency Disaster Management and Geographic Information Science

Jace Pine

Graduating Class: 2019
Hometown: Platte City, Missouri
Major: Emergency Disaster Management and Geographic Information Science
Other Activities:

  • Maryville Fire Department volunteer
  • Maryville Public Safety dispatcher
  • Missouri Hope

The Northwest Experience

Jace Pine, a junior emergency disaster management and geographic information science major from Platte City, Missouri, is passionate about lending a helping hand in the community. He volunteers with Maryville Fire Department and as a dispatcher for Maryville Public Safety.

Through these opportunities, he describes the results of profession-based learning as “the more you get involved, especially in something like this, the more experience you’re going get and the more networking there’s going to be.”