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Hannah Sears

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

Northwest is designed for all people. We have a place to be plugged in where you don’t have to fit into a box. The campus will provide a place to work your way up. It’s about making connections.

Hannah Sears
Political Science

Hannah Sears

Graduating Class: 2017 
Hometown:  Overland Park, Kansas
Major: Political Science
Other Activities:

The Northwest Experience

Hannah Sears, a political science major from Overland Park, Kansas, dreams of applying skills she’s learned in student organizations at Northwest to work in a political career.

"Politics at all levels is a passion of mine. It’s in everything we do, and I think it is something that I would use indefinitely."

Involvement on campus is important to Hannah. She participates in multiple organizations and committees on campus, including the Mock Trial team and the Young Democrats Club while serving as Student Senate president.

"My involvement in Student Senate has been one of the most character-building experiences that I have had in my entire life. It’s taught me that it is more rewarding to empower others in pursuant of their passions rather than take over and do it for them. It’s given me a strong set of conflict-resolution skills and consensus building as well as helped me to celebrate the small victories. I’ve also learned that happy people are productive people."

Northwest Culture

She describes Northwest and Maryville as accepting communities. The University continues to evaluate partnership opportunities; develop methods to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion on campus; and prepare students for successful careers and life after graduation.

Northwest prepares its graduates to be career-ready the day they graduate. That includes having skills to adapt to surroundings, be a productive member of society and have the enthusiasm to change the world for the better.

Career ready. Day one.

"A large portion of what has prepared me for a career I’ve derived from the classroom. The diligent and knowledgeable professors share their experiences and foster an environment that makes you think on your feet. Throughout my time as the Student Senate president, I have had the opportunity to speak at large events, create reports for the Northwest Board of Regents, plan and execute robust events, interview with local media and mediate diverse opinions to build consensus."