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Eddy Kraber

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

Every couple of weeks, we designed a lesson of our own and taught that lesson to other kids in the class. We were in front of the class a lot.

Eddy Kraber
Business Education

Eddy Kraber

Graduating Class: 2019
Hometown: Martensdale, Iowa
Major: Business Education
Other Activities:

  • Baseball
  • Pi Omega Pi
  • Intermural flag football
  • Intermural basketball

The Northwest Experience

Eddy Kraber transferred to Northwest as a finance major but soon realized his passion for teaching. Business methods proved to be one of his favorite courses because he could apply what he learned in the classroom to real-life scenarios, as well as his interest in teaching.

Being from a small town, Eddy had reservations about teaching in an urban area. His advisors and faculty members challenged him to get out of his comfort zone and gain hands-on learning experience through teaching in Kansas City. The experience gave him the confidence and skills to be successful in his career and graduate career ready, day one.