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AJ Hinson

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

Northwest has helped me become a more well-rounded person by interacting with students of different identities. It has helped me to prepare for what is in the real world.

AJ Hinson

AJ Hinson

Graduating Class: 2019
Hometown:  Saint Clair, Missouri
Major:  Psychology
Other Activities:

  • Northwest Dance Company choreographer
  • Behavioral Sciences Association

The Northwest Experience

The hands-on and lecture-based courses AJ completed, such as child psychology, taught him how to get into the mindset of a child by using toys to experience play therapy. AJ also had the opportunity to work with students at Horace Mann Laboratory School. One of the most valuable lessons he says he learned was how to educate young people about social justice topics such as racism, gender equality, sexuality and more. These hands-on experiences helped AJ prepare to start his master’s degree in child and family counseling after graduation and be career ready, day one.