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Aaron Moser

Northwest students are Career Ready. Day One.

It definitely provided me with not only the tools to do that research but to think critically and discover connections that might also affect those situations. This education really allowed me to become a holistic person and really work on the areas that I struggle as well.

Aaron Moser

Aaron Moser

Graduating Class: 2018
Hometown:  Maryville, Missouri
Major:  Geography
Minor:  History

Aaron wasn’t sure of his career path after four years of active duty with the U.S. Air Force, but he knew he needed to pursue a college degree and wanted to do that at Northwest.

“The guidance that you get, the encouragement that you get and the support that you get, really sets Northwest apart from other institutions that I have experienced, even inside the military. The staff and the people that make up Northwest are the core of Northwest.”

Aaron enjoyed courses like geopolitics that prompted him to reflect on global history and the ways in which societies interact. He developed strategies to organize and argue his research in a clear, concise manner. He honed his time management skills, balancing academic work with employment at Midland GIS in Maryville and his duties as a member of the Missouri National Guard.

Aaron is starting his post-graduate career with Northwest’s University Police Department. He also is exploring career opportunities with the FBI and in the foreign relations field.

“I definitely have a passion for what’s going on in the world, and being able to find what I’m passionate about in college enabled me to dive into not only the situations that are going on in the world but learn how to research those situations.”