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Northwest Missouri State University

Faculty and Staff Directory





Dr. Charles Badami 660.562.0814 cbadami Instructor of Music and Collaborative Pianist
Steven Banks 660.562.1788 banks Art
John Bell 660.562.1952 jbell Director of Bands and Orchestra/Music Education
Katheryn Bilbo 660.562.1045 kbilbo Theatre Performance
Dr. Martha Breckenridge 660.562.1796 martab Art History
Monty Carter 660.562.1326 monty Instructor of Strings
Melissa Chesnut 660.562.1326 melissac Secretary
Dr. Rebecca Dunnell 660.562.1791 dunnell Flute/Musicology
Dr. Elizabeth Dunning 660.562.1326 lizd Instructor of Horn and Chamber Music
Dr. Chris Gibson 660.562.1607 reeds Woodwinds/Foundations of Theory
Chris Graves 660.562.1322 cgraves Art/Graphic Design
Teresa Gustafson 660.562.1248 teresa Alumni Foundation Representative
Nikki Hackett 660.562.1326 nikkiy Office Manager
Patrick Immel 660.562.1171 pimmel Scenic and Lighting Design
Stephanie Jorandby 660.562.1503 stephi Costume Design
Dr. Gayla Kobialka 660.562.1325 gkobial Music Education
Dr. Ernest Kramer 660.562.1319 kramer Piano/Harpsichord/Music Theory/Composition
Dr. Joe Kreizinger 660.562.1172 jkreizi Department Chair/Theatre
Phil Laber 660.562.1323 plaber Art/Photography
Dr. Brian Lanier 660.562.1790 blanier Choral Music Education
Armin Muhsam 660.562.1789 amuhsam Art/Painting
Dr. Anthony Olson 660.562.1318 aolson Piano/Organ
Dr. Sheila Phillips 660.562.1792 skphill Applied Voice
Robert Pippin 660.562.1731 pippin Music
Dr. William Richardson 660.562.1316 billr Trumpet and Jazz Studies
Dr. Stuart Robinson 660.562.1314 stuartr Art Education
Dr. Theophil Ross 660.562.1176 ross Theatre
Robert Schultz 660.562.1326 rschult Art
Dr. Pamela Shannon 660.562.1793 shannon Applied Voice
Dr. Kathryn Strickland 660.562.1794 kstrick Director of Athletic Bands/Percussion/Music Education
Dr. Stephen Town 660.562.1795 stown Tower Choir/Applied Voice/Music Theory
Kwok-Pong (Bobby) Tso 660.562.1324 ktso Art
Shawn Wake 660.562.1320 swake Performance Facilities Manager/Technical Director
Veronica Watkins 660.562.1845 watkins Art
Glenn Williams 660.562.1788 gwillms Art