A-Z Index

EXPECTATION ONE: Invest 3 Hours per Week in the following:

  1. Staff Meetings ( MANDATORY) - 1-2 hours
    • Put them all in your planner and be on time!
    • You are allotted two excused absences per semester
      For an absence to be excused, you must notify your advisor via e-mail 24 hours prior to the meeting you will miss. Absences without proper notification (missing or late notification) will be considered unexcused. Extenuating circumstances must be discussed with your advisor within 48 hours of missing a meeting.
  2. Office Hour ( MANDATORY) - 1 hour
    • One hour each week, served in Wellness Services.
    • You are expected to schedule your office hour time with your advisor at the beginning of the semester, and to keep the same hour each week.
    • Missed office hours may be made up by contacting your advisor.
    • Excessively missing office hours may factor into your removal from COMPASS.
    • How to serve your office hour:
      • Sign in at Callie's desk.
      • Work on programs or upcoming awareness events. Ask advisor for other duties if need be. Option-research information on events or programs you are interested and place info in COMPASS Peer Education binders located in cabinets above Callie's desk.
  3. Other service hours - 1 hour
    • In-service trainings (with other peer education groups)
    • Additional office hours (see What can I do for my other 2 office hours?)
    • Develop presentations
    • Research your organizations wellness topics
    • Attend events, meetings, resource fairs, speakers, etc.


EXPECTATION TWO: Present a program at least twice each semester.


EXPECTATION THREE: Represent Northwest and University Wellness Services as a professional.

When committing to a program:

  1. Contact the requester within 48 hours
    • Confirm location, date, time
    • Obtain directions if you need them
    • Verify requester's contact information (and get a cell phone number in case of emergency)
  2. Coordinate with your fellow presenter prior to the presentation date. Follow up with the requester about the program content to confirm it's what he/she wants
  3. Be punctual - if you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're late!


EXPECTATION FOUR: Attend 5 hours of related training per semester outside your staff meeting. Be sure to record these hours!

Opportunities include:

  • Events during Alcohol Responsibility Month
  • Wellness Month Events
  • The Great American Smoke Out
  • Other campus or community educational programs (Conferences, lecture series, etc.)


EXPECTATION FIVE: Seek out knowledge.

  • Read current research concerning wellness issues including alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.
  • Follow legislation, the news, and current events related to wellness issues.


EXPECTATION SIX: Be a good role model.

Our actions reflect upon the reputation of all Northwest Student Wellness Advocates. This includes internet profiles such as facebook, myspace, etc. Maintain a profile that appropriately represents the values of Wellness Services.



  1. When co-presenting a program
    • Share the responsibility and work load
    • Respect each other's time
    • Acknowledge both of your strengths and weaknesses
  2. With other Northwest and Wellness Services staff
    • Practice open and honest communication.
    • Clarify expectations
    • Be mindful of others working with you and the students of Northwest.


EXPECTATION EIGHT: Complete paperwork in a timely manner, including weekly log sheets, office hour book, program evaluations, etc.


EXPECTATION NINE: Communicate with your advisor about your questions, concerns or ideas.

  • Check email on a consistent basis.
  • Take the initiative to propose ideas, concerns, and feedback.
  • Keep your advisor informed of your schedule, other obligations, school workload, etc.
  • Feel free to drop by anytime to chat about anything on your mind unrelated to your organization. Your advisors want to get to know you on a personal level!