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Teaching Requirements

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Academic Qualifications for teaching 77-101 University Seminar

University Seminar instructors must meet the following qualifications:

Note: Northwest adjunct instructors who have taught a minimum of three consecutive years in the traditional classroom and have support of the chair/director in the department/school are eligible to apply. If selected, instructors must allot 1.5 hours per week (ideally before or after University Seminar class meetings) to be available for students in their University Seminar section.

Additional Expectations for Instructors

Instructors are required to:

For a full list of expectations, please review the job description.

Instructor Application

Thanks for your interest in teaching 77-101 University Seminar. Please make sure you have reviewed the instructor information sheet, meet the instructor qualifications, and gain approval from your school director/chair/supervisor prior to submitting your application.

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