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Educational Response Programs

What is an educational response program?

Educational response programs are sanctions that are assigned following a violation of University policy; however, these sanctions are not punitive in nature, but are designed to educate students and promote healthy living.

If you have any questions concerning any of the programs listed below, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at or 660.562.1242

Anger Management

This is a two hour program that covers a number of issues related to anger management including basic concepts related to the experience of anger and anger management, and a variety of anger management techniques such as: recognizing anger cues, behavioral techniques, interpersonal techniques, communication techniques, conflict resolution, and cognitive techniques.

Contact: Wellness Services at or 660.562.1348

Under the Influence & Marijuana 101 Programs

The Under the Influence & Marijuana 101 are online courses used in response to first-offense on-campus alcohol/marijuana violations.  Under the Influence is made up of 10 lesson modules which take approximately 4 hours to complete; Marijuana 101 is made up of 6 lesson modules which take approximately 3 hours to complete.  These are self-help courses where students can log in and out as needed.  Students complete a confidential eCHECKUP TO GO self-assessment in Lesson 1. The eCHECKUP intervention allows us to provide feedback and additional resources for the student throughout the course.  Research show that personalized feedback is a key factor in helping change behavior.

Students assigned Under the Influence or Marijuana 101 will be given a deadline to complete the course.  Students then must complete a 30-day follow-up to complete this sanction.  Students failing to do so may receive additional sanctions.

 Contact: Office of Student Affairs at or 660.562.1242.

Drug Response Program

This program is designed to educate students on the addiction process and discusses factors that may contribute to addition. The session also helps to dispel common myths regarding marijuana and other drug use, i.e. medical complications, how drugs impair functioning, and "medicinal" fallacies. Students complete a self evaluation checklist and a drug quiz to check their knowledge of drugs and what they do, and also view a 30 minute video in which young adults share their experiences with drug use.

Contact: Wellness Services at or 660.562.1348

Assigned Service

Assigned service, like community service, is an unpaid service to a governmental, charitable, or non-profit organization. These hours may be completed on campus or in the community and must be documented with the Director of Service & Engagement in the International Involvement Center. Contact: Amy Nally, Director at or 660.562.1954