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Step 1: Client Information

Step 2: Event Information

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On-site Event Coordinator

The on-site coordinator is someone who will be present during the entirety of the event and will act as the event's main contact person.

Step 3: Event Specifications

Room Configuration

Need multiple room configurations? If so, please contact Northwest-Kansas City at

Equipment Needs


Are you bringing your own laptop to hook up to our projector?


Northwest Missouri State University does not provide catering services.  Please feel free to utilize an outside catering company for your event.  Please note that it is your responsibility to arrange your catering and to make sure that all items necessary for consumption are included (i.e. plates, napkins, silverware, cups).  The person that has been designated as the on-site coordinator should facilitate your event’s catering arrival and setup.

*Will this event be catered?

Note: If using the conference room, there is a credenza inside the room already that can be utilized as well.

Miscellaneous Information

*Do you need a registration table(s)?

*Do you need a rolling coat rack?
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