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We look forward to seeing your group here at
Northwest Missouri State University!


We ask that you please register at least one week before your visit to give us ample time to prepare.



Our Office of Admissions has set aside four dates for Dual Credit high school students to participate in group tours of campus.  Upon completion of the tour, the schools have options to customize the rest of their day on campus.  Please complete our Group Visit Form by selecting your preferred date for a tour and any of the customizable options.


Students in your group have the option of bringing their own lunch to enjoy anywhere on campus, such as Colden Pond, The Centennial Gardens or The Bell Tower. If your group prefers, they can purchase lunch at the J. W. Jones Student Union Food Court, where there’s many different dining options to choose from!

Special Assistance

If you need special assistance during your visit to Northwest Missouri State University, we can help! Please let us know when you schedule your visit or call us ahead of your arrival at 816.261.3767 to let us know how we can help you!


We thank you for participating in Northwest Dual Credit.
We hope to provide a great experience for your Dual Credit Bearcats. 

Student Success – Every Student, Every Day!

School Information

Will all of your school’s students be attending as one large group to all campus activities?
No (if no, please complete a form for each group separately)

High School Name:

Teacher Name(s):

Number of Students Attending:

Courses the Dual Credit students are enrolled in currently: (check all that apply)
American Popular Music
Art Appreciation
Calculus I
Calculus II
College Algebra
Computer Programming I
Computers and Information Technology
Ecology of Teaching/Developmental Foundations/PLC 1
Educational Computing and Technology
Foundations of Computing
French: Communication and Culture I
French: Communication and Culture II
Fundamentals of Electronic Media Production
Fundamentals of Oral Communication
General Biology I and Lab
General Chemistry I and Lab
General Earth Science and Lab
General Physics I and Lab
General Psychology
General Statistics
Intercultural Communication
Intro to C&I/Prin. of Assessment/PLC 2
Introduction of Geography
Lifetime Wellness and Lab
Medical Terminology
Profession-based Essentials/Work Experience
Spanish: Communication and Culture I
Spanish: Communication and Culture II
Intermediate Spanish for Communication and Culture I
Intermediate Spanish for Communication and Culture II
The Enjoyment of Music
The United States After 1877
The United States To 1877
Theatre Appreciation
Western Civilization II

Visit Information

Preferred Date:

Alternate Date:

Arrival Time:

  • August 14 visit will begin with a campus tour at 10:30 a.m.  
  • All other dates will begin with a campus tours at 9:00 a.m.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes earlier to check in with the Office of Admissions for the campus tour portion fo your visit.

Departure Time: (students need to leave campus by)

Select your preferences from the following visit options:

Pick up student IDs/Bearcat Cards (2-5 minutes per student)

Library presentation (30-60 minutes)

  • Provide specific topics or the subject area of your course to be covered in presentation:
  • Do the students plan to check out any materials from the library after the presentation?

Pick up notebook computer for each student

  • must already be enrolled at Northwest prior to campus visit
  • must obtain Initial Email Login in CatPAWS prior to campus visit
  • must Sign Notebook Contract in CatPAWs prior to campus visit
  • must pick up student ID on campus prior to notebook pick up

Schedule a presentation for your students with department faculty

  • If you have a preference, provide name(s) of faculty:

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or requests in the space provided below: