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FIS Friend Application

An orientation for new Friends will be held in each semester.
For questions, please contact the International Involvement Center at 660.562.1367 or email

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How did you learn about the FIS?
Why are you interested in becoming a friend of an international student?
*List the name and contact information of two non-family references:
List hobbies and special interests:
List name and species of
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Languages spoken:
Countries traveled in:
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Are there any restrictions regarding your participation in this program?
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  • As a Friend, I (we) agree to be a friend to one or more Northwest Missouri State University International Student(s) for one school year (September-May), contacting them once a month and including them in some of my (our) activities, thereby exposing them to life and culture in the US.
  • I (We) agree to support activities planned for the Friends of International Students.
  • I (We) agree to respect the religious beliefs of the International Students.
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