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Submitting an IRB Application

This page includes basic information about the IRB submission process, including what documents are required and where to submit your documents. For more detailed information on the IRB review process, see the Northwest IRB Submission Guide or the subpages within this section, which can be accessed on the left side of the page.

Documents Required for IRB Review

All investigators must submit the following documents for evaluation and review:

Most research projects will need to submit additional documents.

For research projects involving data collection, investigators must also submit the following documents:

For research projects using pre-existing datasets (secondary research), the following documents should be submitted:

For research projects using ingested substances, investigators must submit:

Research projects using audio and/or visual recording must also submit the Audio-Visual Consent Form Template View Word Doc in addition to other required documents.

Applications for secondary review must also submit all documentation from their initial IRB approval as well as evidence of IRB approval.

Some projects may also need to submit additional documents not outlined above. For instance, research using an online survey or other online data collection procedure must submit a link to access the online portion of the study with their application.

The Northwest IRB may request additional documents from investigators after an initial review of the application.

Where to Submit

All materials should be submitted electronically to the Northwest IRB email address ( Any necessary supplementary documents should be included as attachments to your electronic submission.


All applications must include an electronic signature on the application form. To electronically sign your application, simply sign and date your name in the signature line at the end of your application. If you are a student researcher, you should also send the application form to your faculty advisor for review; they will also need to sign and date the form before you submit it. If you prefer to sign your application physically, you may also print the application, sign and date it, and then email your documents to the Northwest IRB email address.