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Well-Being Lab

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The Well-Being Lab will be the showcase of the entrance of the School of Health Science and Wellness.


DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) is a medical imaging test that measures the bone density of the client. In medical settings, DEXA is considered the most useful, easy and cost-effective test to screen for osteoporosis risk.

Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement device which uses wholebody densitometry to determine body composition (body fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children and can accommodate a wide range of populations.

Cholesterol, lipid, and blood glucose screening is available through simple, finger-stick devices to provide accurate and actionable results from a wellness program setting for lipid, cholesterol and glucose testing.

Blood pressure screening equipment providing quick and accurate blood pressure screening.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a movement screening tool used to evaluate fundamental movement patterns in individuals with no current pain or injury. The FMS is designed to demonstrate opportunities for improved movement in individuals.

The Spirit System heart rate monitor system combines education-specific wrist heart rate technology, data analysis software and teacher and student curriculum resources that empower ownership of physical, mental and emotional health in students. This system exposes future physical education teachers to heart rate technologies that are commonly deployer in the K-12 school setting.

Student Impact

The applied health sciences program has 170 students and is the fastest-growing academic program in the School of Health Science and Wellness during the past five years.

Common position titles for graduates in this program include:

  • Wellness coordinator
  • Cardiac rehabilitation specialist
  • Health coach
  • Community health coordinator
  • Strength and conditioning coach

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