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Angelo and Paula Savaiano Psychology Lab



Flexible set-up to provide students the opportunity to engage in actual research projects on cognition, learning, and the biological factors related to psychological functioning.

Located in close proximity to the School Counseling Lab encouraging active collaboration

Student Impact

Psychology majors explore the scientific study of a person’s thoughts and behaviors. Northwest faculty help students understand three core areas: scientific research methods that enhance critical thinking skills, evidence and claims knowledge; insight into an individual’s behavior, motives and thought processes; and the understanding of the biological and social factors that contribute to human development, cognitive skills, relationships and personality.

The human services degree includes 130 students and is the second-fastest growing program during the past five years. The psychology program hosts an additional 250 student majors.

Bachelor’s-level graduates from these programs advance to agencies employing them in areas such as:

Human services and psychology also serve as pre-professional programs, preparing students for entry into graduate programs in social work, psychology and school counseling.

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