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Emily Wormsley Greene '71

Emily Wormsley Greene '71


Kansas City, Missouri

Current City

Riverside, Missouri

Northwest Foundation Board Member

Board member since 2021

Board Involvement

  • Membership Committee


  • M.S. Reading; University of Missouri - Kansas City, 1974
  • B.S. Education; Northwest Missouri State University, 1971


  • Worked entire career in education in the North Kansas City School District
    • 1971-2001 - Elementary Teacher for second and third grades
    • 2001-2013 - Trainer and Professional Growth Coordinator for Substitutes
    • 2013-2014 - Trainer of the Coteach Model for Teacher Candidates and Supervising Teachers
    • 2014 - Retired


Emily Greene had an amazing career in education. She spent her first 30 years with the North Kansas City School District as a second and third grade teacher. She always enjoyed her students and their families. 

Her brother was the first in her family to attend Northwest Missouri State University. He graduated in 1963. Then Emily's daughter attended from 1996-2000, graduating in the spring of 2000. They all truly enjoyed their time on campus. All three have done very well in their careers and think highly of Northwest. 

Emily spends a lot of time with her grandchildren. She has spent the last 12 years babysitting them for their working parents or getting them off to school each day. She has plans to do this for two more years. After that, they will both be off to middle school. Her hobbies consist of working in her flower gardens and reading. She also works very hard to keep her Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority sisters connected from the four years she was at Northwest. 


Why are you "forever green"?

"I am forever green because the time I spent on campus was amazing. I have such special memories made with my Sigma Sigma Sigma sisters. I also created other lifelong friendships and wonderful memories during my time on campus. All friendships and memories were created by campus life through organizations and activities. I had very good instructors in my classes that prepared me for a very successful career.  Northwest Missouri State University always had a very safe and fun environment in which to learn and live. 

I continue to be so proud of Northwest Missouri State University and its greatness in all areas!"