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Summer Hotel

Northwest Residential Life is pleased to offer a place to stay for anyone needing a bed for a night. Whether you are passing through town, or are planning a family reunion and don't have a place for everyone to stay, we can accommodate your needs.

A variety of our on-campus housing is available for rates ranging from $18-$30 per person/night.  Housing is available from approximately mid-May to late July. To reserve a room(s), please complete the form below:

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Housing Requests

The following buildings and rates are presented for you to choose from. We will do our best to meet your preferences, but buildings may not be available due to our summer camp and conference operations or our summer maintenance schedule.

Please note we do not provide linens.

Tower Suites ($19/person/night)
Bathrooms in the suite, kitchenette/laundry on the floor, 2 & 4 person suites.
South Complex ($19/person/night)
Bathrooms shared in room groups (5-6 rooms/bathroom), kitchenette/laundry on 1st floor, 2-person rooms
Hudson-Perrin ($19/person/night)
Bathrooms shared in room groups (5-6 rooms/bathroom), kitchenette/laundry on 1st floor, 2-person rooms
Roberta Hall ($19/person/night)
Bathrooms in the suite, laundry on the bottom floor; Limited availability, 2/3/4 person rooms
Forest Village Apartments ($30/person/night)
Bathrooms, full kitchen, laundry in each apartment, 2 and 4-person apartments


Housing Preference:

Building 1st Choice 2nd Choice
Tower Suites
South Complex
Roberta Hall
Forest Village
No Preference
Special Requests/
Disability Needs?


Additional Guests?

Please tell us about anyone who will be staying with you.  The number of guests you will will tell us the size of room we need to assign you.
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To retain a copy of this registration for your records

You will receive a confirmation email and full check-in information once we process your request.