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Repairs, Damages, and Lost Keys

Guests are responsible for damages to rooms and facilities and for lost keys.  In the event of damage, please report it to Northwest staff immediately.  If you do this, we can discuss the situation while you are here to tell us what happened.  It may be that the broken item was just worn out and we don't want to bill you in this situation. 

In the event that damage billing does need to happen, we will work with you and figure out how best to bill for the broken item.  Some of our groups are billed through a University account and others are direct billed to their home address.

Key Replacement Fees

When a key is lost, we replace the lock(s) and all remaining keys for the room.   Because a living space can be a two or four person room, prices will vary from space to space because of the varying numbers of keys and locks needed for a given room.

Tip for Groups

People lose keys.  If this happens, most groups prefer that the person who lost the key pay for the replacement cost.  We have found it usually works best for us to take payment for lost keys from the person while still here rather than put the amount on the bill for the organization to pay.