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ArtistThompson, Thomas (British, 1776-1852)
Pencil, ink, or black watercolor
Dimensions21" x 16 1/4"

Catalog NumberDC297-verso
Location Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building, Room 10


Seaside town, pencil drawing under wash, in lower left: "The Town of…[remainder torn off]"; foreground from left: two rowboats in rocky shore, small inlet, own & cart and men with rowboat pushing out from rocks; middle ground has bay with tall breakwater & ship masts behind; town has 3 & 4-story buildings extending up hill.

Note 1: Pencil on wash drawing of a diagram of a two story building labeled A&B 1"x 3" Note 2: Pencil on wash, man raking leaves 2" x 1". Note 3: Pencil and wash drawing of anthropomorphic rock formation 1 1/2" x 4"