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Standing putto

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TitleStanding putto
MediumDomestic Object
Standing Putto: Plaster Putto riding skull: Plaster Stand: Carved Wood Plaque: Brass
DimensionsStanding Putto: 9 3/4" h, 4 1/2" Putto riding skull: 8 3/4" h, 4 1/2" Stand: 3 3/4" w, 2 3/4" h Plaque: 31/4" square

Catalog NumberDC322
Location Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building, Room 10


Standing Putto: Two metal labels inset in base: upper "H. SchwabeFecit Gesetzl Gegen Jieu Nagbiloun"; lower: "Eigenthum von P.D. Ulrich"; left arm missing.

Putto riding skull: Same metal labels as above; right arm broken but intact; right wing missing; drapery fragment wrapped separately.

Stand: Primitive carving with small piece broken.

Plaque: Flat with a Chinese character, does not appear to have been attached to anything.