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Artist's Maquette & Tools

Artist's Maquette & Tools

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TitleArtist's Maquette & Tools
MediumDomestic Object
Artist's Marquette: wood, movable joints. T-square & small 45° triangle: wood. Carpenter's 2' rule: brass with wood inlay
DimensionsArtist's Marquette: T square: 13 1/4" h 17 3/4" Carpenter's 2' Rule: 6 1/4" closed

Catalog NumberDC320
LocationOlive DeLuce Fine Arts Building, Percival DeLuce Memorial Gallery


Marquette's right hand broken but in small bag; shown in the bottom of easel in P. DeLuce's painting, "The Young Artist"

Triangle is 45 degrees, no doubt used by Percival DeLuce.

Carpenter's 2' Rule: Imprinted: "No 62 Upson Nut Co."