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Tea-kettle and stand

Tea-kettle and stand

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TitleTea-kettle and stand
MediumDomestic Object
Tea-kettle stand: 4-leg, brass, bell-foot with alcohol warmer & wood handles Tea-kettle: wood handle, brass with silver-colored interior coating
Dimensions7" x 6" x 7 1/4" 6" dia, 8" h

Catalog NumberDC317
Location Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building, Room 10


Tea Kettle Stand: no maker's mark; cast, repaired. Tea-Kettle: no maker's mark; raised, soldered construction, pegs each side fit into stand to allow tipping.

Probably American (Possibly English) origin of c. 1870. According to Olive DeLuce: a separate holder above a wall-mounted gas light in Percival DeLuce's studio allowed water in the kettle to be heated then kettle moved to stand for afternoon tea.