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Lacebark Elm

Ulmus parvifolia

GIS Coordinate:
N40 21.111 W94 53.258

Trail Number:

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Leaves: Alternate, simple, elliptic to ovate or obovate, 3/4 to 2 1/2" long, 1/3 to 1 1/3" wide, acute or obtusish, unequally rounded at base, simply or nearly simply serrate

Native Locale:
Northern and central China, Korea, and Japan

Mature Height:
40 to 50 feet

Mature Width:
40 to 50 feet

Hardiness Zones:
Zone (4)5 to 9

Soil Preference:
Adaptable to extreme pH and soil; Prefers moist, well drained, fertile soils

Growth Habit:
Rather graceful round headed tree often with pendulous branchlets

Rate of Growth:
Medium to Fast

Disease and Insect:
Resistance to Dutch elm disease, Elm leaf and Japanese beetle

Landscape Value:

Additional Notes:

  • Flowers: Inconspicuous, appearing in axillary clusters August-September. 40 to 50' high and wide. Almost American elm like; others broader than tall.
  • Fruit: Samara, elliptic-ovate, 1/3" long, glabrous, notched at apex, seed in middle.


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