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Eastern Cottonwood

Eastern Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)

GIS Coordinate:
N40 21.143 W94 53.166

Trail Number:

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Leaves are roughly 3 to 6 inches long and triangular

Native Locale:
Quebec to North Dakota, Kansas, Texas, Florida

Mature Height:
75 to 100 feet

Mature Width:
50 to 75 feet

Hardiness Zones:
Zone 3a to 9

Soil Preference:
Prefers moist areas along water ways but tolerates dry soils; common on moist alluvial soils through the plains and prairie states; tolerates saline conditions and pollutants; very pH adaptable

Growth Habit:
Pyramidal in youth but developing a broad vase-shaped habit in old age with the branching structure being somewhat open, irregular and ragged; often with massive, spreading branches

Rate of Growth:
Fast, 4 to 5' a year in rich soil

Disease and Insect:
Cytospora canker, poplar canker, usarium canker, hydroxylon canker, septoria borer, poplar canker, fusarium canker, hypoxylon canker, septoria canker, branch gall, leaf blister, leaf spots, leaf rusts, powdery mildew, dieback, aphid, bronze birch

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