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Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)

GIS Coordinate:
N40 20.972 W94 52.855

Trail Number:

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Needles in bundles of three, dark yellow-green in color, and 5-10 inches long. Cones are oval, 3-6 inches long, with stiff prickles on the scale tips

Native Locale:
Western North America. British Columbia to Mexico, east to South Dakota and Texas

Mature Height:
60 to 100 feet

Mature Width:
25 to 30 feet

Hardiness Zones:
Zone 3 to 6 or 7

Soil Preference:
Prefers deep, moist, well- drained loam; resistant to drought; tolerant alkaline soils

Growth Habit:
Narrow to broad pyramidal when young; with time develops an irregularly cylindrical and narrow crown, with numerous short branches, the lower ones often drooping; very old trees have short, conical or flat- topped crowns and are devoid of branches for one half or more of their height

Rate of Growth:
Medium, 75' over 40 to 50 years

Disease and Insect:
Damping-off, root rot, dieback, tip blight, stem blister rust, Comandra blister rust, canker, Cenangium twig blight, leaf cast, needle blight, needle rust, shrub pine needle rust, littleleaf, white- pine aphid, European pine shoot moth, Nantucket pine moth, sawflies, pine webworm, pine false webworm, pine needle scale, pine needle miner, pine spitttlebugs, pine tortoise scale, red pine scale, pales weevil, pine root collar weevil, white pine shoot borer, white pine tube moth, white pine weevil, Zimmerman pine moth, bark beetles, pinewood nematode

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