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Swiss Stone Pine

Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra)

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Native Locale:
Mountains of central Europe and southern Asia

Mature Height:
30 to 40 feet

Mature Width:
15 to 25 feet

Hardiness Zones:
Zone 3b to 7

Soil Preference:
Requires well drained, loamy soil, slightly acid

Growth Habit:
A narrow, densely columnar pyramid in youth, becoming open and flat- topped with spreading, drooping branches when mature; extremely upright in youth

Rate of Growth:
Slow, rarely reaches 25' after 25 to 30 years

Disease and Insect:
Damping-off, root rot, dieback, tip blight, stem blister rust, Comandra blister rust, canker, Cenangium twig blight, leaf cast, needle blight, needle rust, shrub pine needle rust, littleleaf, white- pine aphid, European pine shoot moth, Nantucket pine moth, sawflies, pine webworm, pine false webworm, pine needle scale, pine needle miner, pine spitttlebugs, pine tortoise scale, red pine scale, pales weevil, pine root collar weevil, white pine shoot borer, white pine tube moth, white pine weevil, Zimmerman pine moth, bark beetles, pinewood nematode

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