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Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis

GIS Coordinate:
N40 20.971 W94 52.945

Trail Number:

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Leaves alternate, simple, 3-5 inches long and broadly ovate to heart-shaped

Native Locale:
New Jersey to Northern Florida, west to Missouri and Texas and northern Mexico

Mature Height:
20 to 30 feet

Mature Width:
25 to 35 feet

Hardiness Zones:
Zone 4 to 9

Soil Preference:
Prefers well drained, deep soils; is adaptable to acid or alkaline soils

Growth Habit:
Usually a small tree with the trunk divided close to the ground forming a spreading, flat topped to rounded crown, very handsome with its gracefully ascending branches

Rate of Growth:
Medium, 7 to 10' in 5 to 6 years

Disease and Insect:
Canker, leaf spot, Verticillium, tree hoppers, caterpillars

Landscape Value:

Additional Notes:

  • Flowers: Showy lavender-pink flowers from flattened, brown seed pods, which persist after leaves fall.
  • Effective as a specimen tree or in naturalized settings


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