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Common Hackberry

Common Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis)

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Leaves alternate, simple, 2 to 4 inches long

Native Locale:
Quebec to Manitoba, south to North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma

Mature Height:
40 to 60 feet

Mature Width:
40 to 60 feet

Hardiness Zones:
Zone 3 to 9

Soil Preference:
Prefers rich, moist soils, but grows in dry, heavy, or sandy, rocky soils; withstands acid or alkaline conditions; moderately wet or very dry areas

Growth Habit:
In youth weakly pyramidal; in old age the crown is a broad top of ascending arching branches, often with drooping branchlets

Rate of Growth:
Medium to Fast, 20 to 30' over a 10 to 15 year period

Disease and Insect:
Leaf spots, witches broom, powdery mildew, Gooderham rot, hackberry nipple- gall, mourning- cloak butterfly, and several scales are troublesome

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