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Transfer Equivalency System


The Transfer Equivalency System is continuously being updated and revised. The information available in this system is based on the courses previously transferred from other institutions. While this is a useful tool, this is neither an exhaustive list, nor does it guarantee how a course is transferred. An official transcript evaluation is necessary upon admissions to determine transferable credit.

This tool allows you to look up classes that have been equated to Northwest classes in the past. It does not constitute an agreement or contract. All classes must be evaluated on an individual basis, and you should consult with an advisor at Northwest for the most up-to-date information.

Typically general education courses from regionally accredited institutions transfer easily. Northwest does not accept technical or vocational credit unless the student is seeking a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree.

Whether Northwest course credits will transfer to another institution is determined by that institution’s policies

Frequently Asked Questions

The course I took at my previous Institution is worth more credit hours than the direct equivalent at Northwest, how will it transfer over?

Your course will transfer over to Northwest for the amount of credit hours it is worth at your previous institution. Ex. I took College Algebra at my current institution for 5 credit hours and the equivalent Northwest course is only 3 credit hours. The course will transfer for 5 credit hours.

Is there a limit on how many of my credits can transfer to Northwest?

There is no limit on how many credits can transfer to Northwest.

How are my quarter hour credits transferred over to semester hours at Northwest?


Quarter Hours Semester Hours
1.0 0.7
1.5 1.0
2.0 1.3
2.5 1.7
3.0 2.0
3.5 2.3
4.0 2.7
4.5 3.0
5.0 3.3
5.5 3.7
6.0 4.0

What are Northwest’s minimum transfer requirements?

  • Minimum cumulative transfer GPA of 2.00 from all transfer institutions (including dual credit)
  • Minimum of 24 transferable credit hours

Will Northwest accept my technical credit?

Technical credit can only be transferred into the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. 

I’m looking up the courses I have taken and I cannot find my institution and/or my courses. Will they transfer?

If you cannot find your home institution or courses you have taken it does not mean they will not transfer to Northwest. We are still building this Transfer Equivalency System and they probably have not been added and/or reviewed for equivalency yet. If you cannot fund your institution or courses, please contact Transfer Services and we will look further into it for you.