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F: Missional Commitments

According to our university mission and vision, Northwest will be THE university of choice for a comprehensive, exceptional student experience. The University values student success, scholarship and life-long learning, intercultural experience, collaboration, respect and integrity, strategic thinking, and excellence. The mission statements of both Northwest Missouri State University and its PEU reflect the AAQEP principles of fairness and a belief that all students can learn as borne out by Northwest's Mission: focusing on student success - every student, every day.

The PEU mission and vision expands upon the university mission, situating the university within the broader context of the schools we serve: "The Northwest Missouri State University Professional Education Unit will be a catalyst for education excellence by preparing P-12 professional educators who apply best practices to positively impact learning." The PEU prepares highly effective, ethical, professional educators who possess the knowledge, skills and professional dispositions in order to embrace the responsibility for the learning of all children in a diverse and dynamic society. Northwest broadly and its PEU specifically are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion: to creating a dynamic climate that fosters intellectual development, meaningful relationships, and cross-cultural understanding among students. Our goal is to cultivate and draw on the contributions and experiences of a variety of local, regional, and national entities to enhance student learning: to foster creative inquiry, learning, and service, thereby producing professional educators who are caring, capable, and qualified to service schools and the community.

Northwest Missouri State University is not affiliated with a particular religious orientation and thus does not have specific faith or creed-related missional commitments.