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Northwest Missouri State University

Getting Involved

Residential Life Student Governments

Residential life student governments are your link to the administration and an opportunity for leadership. They are responsible for social, educational, and service activities in the buildings and on campus. Many students choose to become involved in various leadership roles that are designed to provide better programs and services for all residents. The governments provide a tremendous opportunity for you to get involved and have a positive effect on your living environment. Contact your RA, Hall/Complex Director, or Area Coordinator for more information about these leadership opportunities.

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Residence Halls: Hall Councils

Each residence hall at Northwest has a hall government called a Hall Council. Each Hall Council is composed of an executive board (elected by the residents) and floor representatives, who are elected around the second week of school. Each government meets weekly to plan activities, vote on expenditures, and work for positive changes and building improvements.

By taking advantage of the numerous leadership opportunities in residence hall council, you may gain much in the way of personal strength and confidence. There are many ways in which your overall college education is enhanced by becoming involved in student government.

  1. Hall council provides the opportunity to participate in the planning and implementation of a variety of activities. By participating in the many different experiences you will gain insight into your own personal strengths and begin to match your strengths and skills to academic and extracurricular areas.
  2. Through your involvement in diverse programs, you may begin to think broadly about issues, try new experiences and most importantly gain confidence in newly-developed abilities and skills. Programming is an exciting way to share and experience new activities. It is a creative way for you to grow and develop new interests.
  3. Programming for groups is one way to build communities and to develop personal support within a group setting. It is also an excellent way to meet new people and develop friendships.

Involvement in residence hall government can add a significant dimension to your college experience. Whether you are a member of the audience or a planner, your experiences with programming while living in the residence halls can benefit you. As a supplement to classes and studying, residence hall government offers the opportunity to grow and learn beyond the textbook. Make use of it!

If you are interested in getting involved in Hall Council, have an issue you would like to see addressed, or have an event you would like to see happen, contact your RA/SA for more information.  They will be happy to help you make that connection.


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Forest Village Apartments Community Action Board (CAB)

A Community Action Board (C.A.B.) has been organized in the apartment community for the purpose of serving the specific needs of the residents. CAB provides a medium for effective communication among residents, apartment staff, and the University. It acts as a planning body for the community as well as representing residents of University Housing- Apartments in matters affecting operation and policies. CAB can also provide support, information, assistance, and networking with other residents. Fundraisers and a variety of community activities can be planned through CAB. Every resident is invited to attend the monthly meetings. Meeting times and dates will be posted. CAB can provide much for your community, but residents must utilize it by attending the meetings and getting involved. C.A.B. belongs to the residents and can become what the residents of Forest Village Apartments want and need.

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Residence Hall Association

RHA LogoWinner of the 2007 NACURH "School of the Year" Award!!!

In addition to individual residence hall councils and CAB, there is another level of hall governance and programming in which you may participate. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves as a unifying body for all the residence halls on campus. Besides sponsoring such annual events as Casino Night, Food Factor, Welcome Kits, Highway Clean-up, and A Night Out (Spring Formal), RHA voices the opinions of residence hall students to University administrators on a variety of issues relating to residential life. The organizations primary channel of communication is through the Residential Life Office.

Representatives from each residence hall serve in the RHA general assembly. Any resident may participate in all projects and meetings sponsored by RHA; however, only elected representatives are able to vote.

Visit the RHA Site!

Northwest's Residence Hall Association has received both regional and national acclaim in recent years. In 2003, the University's association hosted the Midwest Association of College and University Residence Halls (MACURH) No Frills business meeting. In 2006, Northwest's RHA hosted the Heartland conference and in the spring of 2008 Northwest will again be hosting the No Frills business meeting. The association remains active in state, regional, and national associations, sending delegates to the fall, spring and summer conferences.

The RHA Office is located in The Station and students are encouraged to stop by and learn more about the organization. For more information about RHA and the many leadership opportunities at Northwest, contact a Residential Life staff member. All RHA meetings are open to everyone. RHA meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in The Station. This is just one more way you can become involved in your living environment. E-mail RHA at, or come to a meeting.

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National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH provides recognition and support for those individuals who have contributed outstanding service and provided important leadership in the advancement of the residence hall system. NRHH strives to provide a means by which the members can continue to develop their leadership qualities as well as act as a resource in educating and programming leadership information and skills to the campus.
NRHH is comprised of the top one percent of student leaders in the residence halls. Nominations, selection, and induction of members take place during the spring trimester. NRHH shares office space with RHA and is located in The Station.

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