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Northwest Missouri State University

Graduate Assistantships

Getting Started | Positions Available | Resources

Getting Started

Are You Eligible to Apply?

  • Must be Fully Accepted in a Graduate Program
  • Must Have a Minimum GPA of 3.0 in 8 hours of Graduate Work OR
  • 2.75 GPA in Undergraduate Degree
  • Can Only Hold One Position

Are You Eligible to Continue Your G.A. Position?

  • Must Enroll/Successfully Complete 9 hours with 6 hours at the Graduate Level
  • Must Maintain a 3.0 GPA Continuously

What is the Financial Benefit?

  • Stipend of $6,000 a year (3,000 per trimester)
  • Up to 100% tuition/fee waiver (except technology fee)

What Else Needs to be Done Other Than the Application?

  • 1 Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume

Apply Today!

Positions Available

College of Arts and Sciences

Availability Office/Department
Fall 2014 Dept. of Natural Sciences (Physics)
Summer 2014 Dept. of Fine and Performing Arts (Facility Manager Olive DeLuce)
Fall 2014 Dept of Fine and Performing Arts (Music)
Fall 2014 Dept. of Fine and Performing Arts (Music-Admin. Assistant)
Fall 2014 Dept. of Fine and Performing Arts (Music-Vocal)
Fall 2014 Dept. of Fine and Performing Arts (Music-Band)
Fall 2014 Dept. of Fine and Performing Arts (Theatre)
Fall 2014 Honors Program
Summer 2014  Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences(History)

College of Business

Availability  Office/Department
Fall 2014 Forensics (Speech)

College of Education and Human Resources

Availability Office/Department
Fall 2014 Horace Mann
Fall 2014 Horace Mann Lab School (1st Grade)

Graduate Administrative Assistantships

Availability Office/Department
Fall 2014 Sports Information Office

Need to add, remove or update a graduate assistantship position?


Check out the Career Services page for help on resumes, interviews, etc.


How can I find out what graduate assistantships are open? How do I apply?

  • Also a list of all GA’s can be found at graduate school--> financial assistance--> graduate assistantships.

Do I need to fill out more than one application if I plan on applying/inquiring about more than one assistantship?

  • No, students only need to fill out ONE application, the graduate office keeps all graduate assistants applications here in the office.

Who should I get my GA references from? Can the person be off campus? On campus? Where do they return them to?

  • The references can be from anyone of your choice. We generally recommend on-campus references (advisor, professor etc.) International students may use their references that they used for their  application if they wish.
  • The recommendation form can be returned directly to the Graduate Office and will be attached to your application.

Do I have to have my GRE/GMAT scores in before I can be a GA?

  • YES! Scores must be received by our office before the first day of the trimester in which you are a GA.