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Northwest Missouri State University

Admission Requirements for the Professional Education Program

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_____ _____ Observation and Activity (62-211) or Practicum I
(61-262 Middle School or 61-260 Secondary or 22-260 Physical Ed) Grade of C or better
_____ _____ Oral Communication/Speech (29-102) C or better
_____ _____ Two Composition Courses or one Honors Comp.
_____ _____ Math Course (Elementary Majors - 17-171)
_____ _____ Information Technology Competency Course
                  MEP scores on file in the TESS Office





Pass all four subsections of the revised MoGEA (test taken on or after August 31, 2015). The Minimum score requirements for this version of the MoGEA for the 2017-2018 school year are: Reading--202, Writing--193, Math--220, and Science/Social Studies--204. Candidates may mix and match scores from the old MoGEA and the revised MoGEA with the exception of the science and social studies subsections. More information below or the see the memo from DESE on the changes.


Pass all five subsections of the old MoGEA (test taken prior to August 29, 2015). The minimum score requirements for this version of the MoGEA are: English--203, Writing--193, Math--183, Science--183, and Social Studies--183.



2.75 overall GPA, 3.0 GPA in major and a 3.0 GPA in education courses .
My overall GPA is _____.   My major GPA is _____.   My education GPA is _____.

_____ _____ Minimum of 45 hours (_____ hours).
_____ _____ No more than 7 hours below a C in general education coursework
_____ _____ Subscribe to Tk20
_____ _____ Register and pass a criminal background check
_____ _____ All qualifications have been met. Please go to the TESS office (AD 348) and apply for admission to the College of Education.

Other Requirements:

Check No more than 7 hours below a "C" in courses that meet general education requirements.
Check All students must complete a Criminal Background Check during Observation and Activity (62-211) or Practicum I (61-262 Middle School or 61-260 Secondary or 22-260 Physical Education) or Ecology of Teaching (62-111)

GPA Requirement:

check 2.75 Overall GPA
check 3.00 Major GPA
check 3.00 Professional Education GPA

Other Assessment Requirements being implemented by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE):

check Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) is required for admission to the program beginning in Fall 2015.  The assessment will be a part of the following courses: Practicum I (61-260, 61-262, 22-260) or Reporting Pupil Progress (62-301).
check Missouri Standards-Based Performance Assessment for exit to the Professional Education Program--implementation planned for September 2015
checkbox All teacher candidates will be required to attempt the appropriate initial certification, state-mandated content examination(s) (MoCA) prior to finalizing placement into student teaching.

Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) Requirement:

Support processes are in place to assist students to prepare for the MoGEA.

Check You have 3 attempts to pass all sub-tests of the MoGEA.
Check Students who earn a below-minimum required score on any or all MoGEA sub-tests are required to:
  • 1st time-complete a Student Academic Success Plan
  • 2nd time- meet with Teacher Education Admissions Committee to present the student's revised Student Academic Success Plan
  • 3rd time- cease taking course work in the teacher education sequence

Information about testing accommodations for the MoGEA can be found here.