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The most recent retention rate (Fall 2022 cohort) for first-time, full-time, freshman is 74%.

By Academic Unit

The table below shows how many students in each academic unit were either retained within the unit, or at the university.

Academic Unit Retained in Unit Retained at the University
Department of Fine and Performing Arts 60.9% 79.7%
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences 55.4% 66.1%
Department of Language, Literature and Writing 54.2% 66.7%
Department of Mathematics and Statistics 70.6% 94.1%
Department of Natural Sciences 47.8% 68.1%
School of Agricultural Sciences 72.3% 79.0%
Melvin D. & Valorie G. Booth School of Business 60.3% 65.4%
School of Communication and Mass Media 63.0% 73.9%
School of Computer Science and Information Systems 77.1% 83.3%
School of Education 72.1% 78.7%
School of Health Sciences and Wellness 65.2% 75.0%

By Race/Ethnicity

The table below shows the retention of 1st time freshman at the university.

Race/Ethnicity Rate at University
American Indian or Alaska Native 100.00%
Asian 100.00%
Black or African American 58.49%
Hispanic/Latino 68.85%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 66.67%
White 75.57%
Two or More Races 70.59%
Race/Ethnicity Unknown 76.47%
International 56.62%

By Gender

The table below shows the 1st time freshman retention rates by gender.

Gender Retention Rate
Men 75.00%
Women 73.47%

Additional Retention Rates

The university also tracks retention rates by recipients of a federal pell grant

Additional Retention Rates Retention Rate
Recipients of a Federal Pell Grant 64.60%

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